“When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

George R.R. Martin



Where do we go from here?

A foreword by Timelessbeing

   Spaceghetto values your human right to freedom of speech and expression, excercise of religion, the press, and peaceable assembly. Rights that are not enjoyed everywhere in the world, and that were fought for and won by your brave ancestors for you to have. They believed it was a freedom worth dying for, and encoding into supreme law of a nation's constitution.

   Silicon Valley wants to destroy these rights, and undo those achievements. These rights are abused and violated by the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. They believe that every person's liberty should be taken away to protect the feelings of small minorities. They believe that they are qualified to decide what you can or can't say. Make no mistake; They are not trying to protect anybody. Their aim is to imprint their ideology on your mind. Ideology that helps them gain more power over the government, and you. The mainstream media works hand-in-hand with the tech giants in the battle for your mind. They want to decide who gets elected. They have even been known to discriminate against people for what they do "off-platform".

  In the USA, tech companies like Google and Facebook are legally protected from responsibility over what their users post. Unlike a newspaper for example which is a publisher, and is liable for everything that appears on it. However, once a platform such as Google starts to censor and manipulate what ideas user can express, it is crossing into publisher territory. As a public forum that enjoys these legal protections, these social media platforms should be also be held to constitutional standards, and uphold freedom of speech. "Coincidentally", they all lean to the left.  In Canada, mainstream media has reached nearly communist dictatorship levels. The largest propaganda network, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC) is state funded, siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers every year, and regularly delivers left-wing and Liberal government flattering content. The next three big networks, hand selected by the Prime Minister as "approved" media, are handed checks for millions of dollars every year. It should come as no surprise that they support his agenda.

   Spaceghetto endeavors to uphold your liberty to speak your mind without fear of censorship or retribution. To do so, we must resist accepting financial incentive from advertisers. Ultimately, it leads pressure and compromise. Freedom of speech is presently under attack in much of the developed world. It has already surrendered to pressure from minority advocacy groups in places like Germany, Canada, and the UK. Of course once political correctness is favored over diversity of thought, the censors are never be satisfied and vocabulary continues to errode. In the USA, freedom of expression is constantly being attacked by the left wing. It might be prudent to host Spaceghetto overseas or somewhere that it is free from political pressure and censorship.

  The preceding goal of freedom leads directly to funding.  As stated, I don't want you to be pestered by ads. They are a waste of your precious time and I don't wish that on you. Plus, Spaceghetto would be beholden to their contractual wishes. The utility costs for running SG are small, and we will keep them as efficient as possible. In fact, they are insignificant compared to the time and energy that people devote. If you have skills/knowledge or infrastructure resources to contribute then that is far more valuable.

   I will never ask you for money, but if you want to help financially we are hugely grateful for your contribution. Please only do so if you are able. If you have living from paycheck to paycheck, then please use your money for your own development. To donate, please contact us directly. I promise that ALL proceeds will go to SG operating costs. I will not "dip in" if I'm short on rent money. I am also going to be transparent. I can show you all the invoices we pay, as well as the donations that come in (anonymized of course).

   Eventually, I want to set up some kind of donation link, but it is a prickly task. Paypal discloses full recipient names, and I want to protect those involved. The internet can be a cruel place. Also, Paypal have been known to cut off funds from those they consider political enemies, or when under political pressure.

   Merchandise might be a good option. It's an easy way to do money transactions, and at least you get something in the deal. It might also be a good way for someone to showcase their artwork.

   If we had more funding, then what would we do with it? That leads right into the next priority.  There are improvements that can be made. First of all, SG needs a safe, isolated home. That means it needs its own server, in a region that respects free speech.

  Next we would like SG to have self-hosted software that will meet the needs of a growing community. SG should not need to kneel to some corporate terms-of-service. It should have a contemporary interface so that people can do the things they like, such as communicate and share effortlessly, on mobile, voice chat, video and all the rest. This requires a more powerful server.

   We are currently testing such software now.